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Dependable - Lightweight- Easy to use 12 volt Groundwater pumps.

Building on over 20 years in business, Proactive Environmental Products™ understands your needs for reliable, accurate, and efficient groundwater pumps. Proactive™ anticipates the changing regulations in the groundwater sampling industry; therefore, continually improving our products based on our customers changing needs. This is the reason why we are the world's premier manufacturer of 12 volt groundwater pumps and accessories with the reputation of simplifying groundwater sampling.

By means of innovation and quality control with every product we manufacture, rest assured when using a Proactive™ pump on your next groundwater sampling event, not only will you cut your sampling time in the field and increase your sampling accuracy, you will find it to truly be a more enjoyable experience.

This is our promise to you!



Introducing The Proactive Drum Pump
A solution for your liquid transfer problems


Supernova All New Design
Proactive releases the design of a new pump, the Supernova, great for 1.5" diameter wells and up.