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Proactive Pilot Study

Do you want a free proactive 12 volt stainless steel pump of your choice?

It is simple... Proactive is looking for clients who are willing to give our 12 volt stainless steel pumps a try.

How does this work?

  • On your next groundwater sampling event of at least 5 or more wells, call us.
  • We will ship you a 12 volt stainless steel pump of your choice to conduct a pilot study.
  • A pilot study consists of your company sampling the 5 wells or more with our 12 volt stainless steel pump looking for specific targeted parameters. such as vocs, metals etc.
  • You then write a simple 3 to 5 page report discussing the groundwater sampling procedure. for example, if you are conducting low flow sampling or purging and of course the analytical results (you of course can keep your client private), then submit the paperwork to proactive and the pump is yours! it is that easy.

This is limited so please do not hesitate!



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Supernova All New Design
Proactive releases the design of a new pump, the Supernova, great for 1.5" diameter wells and up.